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Rubix Cube of Hate


24 July
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Art by too_dimented
Fated to go to hell.
Roleplaying account for diamondcity_rpg.  Said player also moderates the place

You'll find better interpretations of this guy in fanfiction.net. I'm just having fun.
Name (and age if applicable): Leon Powalski, age 40
Series: Star Fox
Occupation (if applicable): Mercenary for Hire/Proposed Forensic Anthropologist

Place of Origin:Fortuna/Corneria, Lylat
Species: Chameleon/Humanoid mix
Human Form? Rarely used.
Favorite Microgame: Jump Forever
Favorite Coffee Blend: Teeheespresso
Preferred Dress: Alternates between department store prep fashion on days he cares and band shirts/jeans on days he doesn't.

PersonalityLeon came from a serious background that had him grow up into a very serious man. His career as a mercenary and assassin gave him the obvious public image of a cold, ruthless killer; one that's simply unapproachable in any way unless you want to die. His work on any job was always unsurpassed (at least it used to be), which he once had a lot of pride in to the point where self-advertising was unnecessary. He was perfect and anyone in Lylat who needed a job done knew he was one of the best out there... that is until a certain bird started getting in his way! It never ruined him completely, but all of his failed missions had that bird involved.

It was during his earlier years that he was raised to be extremely sophisticated and in the highest standards. He was well-mannered when he spoke, in which his voice sounded vaguely British, and what little free time he had, his interest was in the arts, the natural environment, and yes, aesthetic measures in knife-handling. If anyone who actually had balls to approach Mr. Powalski, they could actually get a normal conversation out of him and get a whiff of his charm. Now living on a planet in a completely other galaxy where his name is unheard of and arrest warrants don't exist for him (at least for now), he's not going to have a hard time at all getting along with people. Not that he's a real ice breaker. He usually keeps to himself still unless someone reaches out to him, but pester him regularly, and he might consider you a friend.

If you're not his friend, nor his worst enemy, at least he'll be civil with you.

On the other hand, He's also easilly excitable if the situation he's a part of is rousing enough. One minute he can give you detailed information about something, the next, he'll ask a bunch of what-ifs followed by a mischievous chortle! And just a discussion on predatory action will have him drooling in amazement. Maybe there's something not-quite-sane about him deep inside, but it usually takes the right situation to expose that.

While he is known for torture and violence, he actually won't hurt anybody unless he was assigned to, or if it's Lombardi. Intentionally, anyway. The chameleon's always had little to no understanding of other people's pain and if Leon performs or says anything offensive to someone, he just won't get what's bothering them about it. If anyone is in emotional pain, he doesn't quite know how to sympathize and will just shrug it off. He'll always look like a cruel bastard when it comes to his lack of empathy, but deep down inside, he's just batshit clueless.

Abridged Version coming soon!

What brings this person to Diamond City?:
Lylat was facing a terrible recession in the years following the Lylat wars. Bandits weren't getting many jobs anymore and that also left mercenaries of justice such as Star Fox to not have any bandits to chase. It was only coincidential that Star Wolf decided to relocate around the time of Star Fox's Sauria mission, which meant something good was happening for both teams. Diamond City was in a place on a planet that wasn't too far from Lylatian limits and for Star Wolf, it was time for some new grounds to operate on.

Misc. Notes

  • Leon has a strong background in Zoological studies, which was vital information for how to properly kill all sorts of target species, so when he comes across an interesting creature, he gets really interested! 'Doesn't mean he'll kill you, though!

  • And for that, he will also eventually carry an illegal pokedex

  • And He'll be travelling now and then to the surrounding areas such as Sarasa Land, the Mushroom Kingdom, and then some for exploration maybe some research?. He may bring back home a pet You may see the reprise of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Jees

  • Scented. Candles. EVERYWHERE. Sandalwood

  • While Wolf is more into MANLY drinks, Leon is into the more sophisticated tastes of finer wines or fruity daquiris

  • Mama Powalski thinks Leon's human form is "fucking hideous"

  • he has a huge liking to nature and its flora. While he has careful interest in dangerous plants, he really appreciates flowers of all kinds and any small garden he can compile on a terrace or something will become his brooding space.

Something will go here eventually!

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