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17 September 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Leon will be posting on the internet of freelance services he'll be offering.

If you need something delivered or collected, if there's something in need of sabotaging, if you want to make someone's day go bad (or good), need a bodyguard for a day or whatever, Leon's your guy for the job.   He'll do anything, really.

He's doing this pretty much to stay busy outside of class hours, so he can charge cheap to low-income clients.

Comments are screened.  I will get back to any via private message.
14 September 2011 @ 10:59 pm
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14 September 2011 @ 09:32 pm
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Cam
Are you over 15?: yes
LJ username: [info]rubbishing
Time Zone: -# or +# GMT -5
AIM: torment parade
MSN: no
E-mail: ask me for it
Tegaki: Rainbow Delta
Anything Else?:
notes are acually about the app itself. I am aware there is a slight
canon retcon, and the Falco on reserve will be apped clean-slate. I
did talk with Raye and Helena about these things at the time we made the
reserve. Nikki is still unavailable for reasons mentioned elsewhere,
and Leon really has no personal ties with Fox McCloud. As for Leon's
connection with Wolf, it remains unchanged from the plans Nikki and I
originally made with those two when she apped Wolf with exception what
events needs to fit for the events of SF64 canon. Leon's connections
with Slippy outside the SF64 events are from the 2008/2009 school year
where Helena and I interacted those two at SBG and his early deals with
first-gen Fox and Falco remain a forgotten/madness-inducing memory since
last year's amneisia, and I could always say they were someone else if
Leon was ever questioned about them since Leon even thought Volkner was a
litle too similar to Falco several months later. tldr, the backstory
is a re-arranged timeline of several headcanons surrounding the SF64

If any changes need to be made to the backstory later on, it can happen.

In-Character Information
Name : Leon Powalski
Game/Series: Star Fox
Age & Teaching Position: 34, Zoology professor
Living Arrangements: Dorm for now. :| He's back to being a bum

Leon likes to think he's the best creatre to hop
in a fighter ship. His piloting skills, quick shooting and ambitions to
get the job done have him come off as a bit of a perfectionist and the
image motivates him to actually be one. Whether he really is that great
is questionable. It could be his luck of anyone other than Falco he's
faced being below his skill level, but his pride still finds him more
competant in flying and combat than even that bird, and it helps a lot
that Lylatians generally fear him for his duties and how he carries them
out. But while Leon has arrogance to spare, he doesn't freely boast
about himself to others unless they really, really ask for it (hi
Falco). He keeps to himself, steadies a calm demeanor, and plays his role calculatively
so things can go in his favor, as he is generally a high-class,
well-mannered person and prefers to keep that image up as much as

Aside from what this chameleon does to get bounty after
bounty slapped on his head, nobody really knows anything about him. He
comes off as cold and antisocial in general, and anything else about
him is a complete mystery, as he keeps his life and plans very
secretive. This may change if one had the guts to approach him, but
maybe not.

This doesn't mean he won't talk to people at all,
but unless you get on his good side, it would take some good ARC
some getting on his good side. Certain discussions do come mandatory
with being a teacher, as he eventually found out on his previous years
at this school, but mention something he likes, something he's highly
against, or show him something classy, and you'll have his attention!

also takes some interest in knife use and sadomasochism. Again, he
won't wildly blurt this out. He also won't rage fits when angered or
bounce when excited. Staying composed is really important

his distances from people in general,however, Leon has a positive
connection to what is now his only teammate of the notorious Star Wolf
mercenary team. Wolf O'Donnell was a pilot-in-training he met with
enough skill and smarts to impress the lizard, and over the years to
come, they had formed a very tight connection that Leon would go
wherever Wolf went, and even when Andrew bailed and Pigma was booted,
Leon remained at the side of their leader. Sure, they split twice, but
how Wolf was probably doing was something that crossed Leon's mind a
lot, and his trips out of Lylat were never meant to be permanent,
anyway... originally.

Opposite to what he feels about Wolf, Leon
expresses anger and rivalry in the presence of Falco Lombardi from the
Star Fox team, who gets in his way and shoots down his ship. If
anything, Falco would be the one exception to Leon's "Only kill that
he's paid/assigned to" policy as an assassin, but deep down, he could
never really off the bird since there's a closet thrill he gets from
their little face-offs. As for the rest of the Star Fox team, they were
nothing to him until Slippy became one of his students at Smash Academy
(which he didn't know until much later on due to paying very little
attention to SF members other than Falco). He stood neuteral with the
frog and things worked alright... for a while.

As for people he's
previously met in Smash Academy, it's a mixed bag of acquaintences
where quite a few wound up persistant on being up-tone
with him, which took a lot of getting used to. Looking back on what he
could remember, having a romantic interest in anyone seems so awkward
and silly. That won't ever happen again.

Everyone else, especially prior to his arrival in Final Destination City,
are just people he could care less about.

Leon is a human-chameleon hybrid native
to the galaxy of Lylat. It's usually hard to say what specific planet
or city a Lylatian pilot came from because the inhabitants from most of
its planets fly from planet to planet practically in a commuting
fashion. But if specifics are important, this reptile's life originated
in the jungle planet of Fortuna under the full name of Leonardo
Powalski. Despite being a notorious pilot in military warfare, neither
Leon nor the sole parent he lived with were military people. They were
wealthy, high-class members of a wealthy mafia and Leon's entire early
life was spent living eloquantly and studying to be forced into prodigy
status to have a good image. Once he learned how to fly, he was sent to
be further educated in Corneria where he later became an honors student
at the Corneria Flight Academy (where he met a Wolf O'Donnell, the only
guy he managed to bond with). Once Leon was discovered to be a master
at infiltration and theft, he became the freelance go-to guy for
underground errands and then one day he was put on an assassination
mission. Why not? Second attempt was flawless and pretty much granted
more points towards this dark business he was put in. As long as he
didn't have time for a distracting social life and was able to turn away
from someone in pain, he could continue to do good.

While Wolf
was his only friend, Leon had also gained a new, reoccuring enemy in
his years in Corneria City: It was a young bird on the streets named
Falco Lombardi. What started with insults and pickpocketing over time,
lead to Falco intruding on Leon's missions (causing him to start
failing them) and Leon taking on Falco and his gang in street warfare.
Part of him wished the annoying bird would just die, but deep down
inside, Leon was getting a kick out of this excitement.

One day,
Wolf wanted to start his own team thanks to personal issues he had with
James McCloud and Leon was personally picked to be by his side. One
Pigma and Andrew later, "Star Wolf" was formed, and they took on jobs
with Leon now able to do these things for himself rather than the
Powalski Operations. But things didn't go too well, however, when Star
Wolf took the mission to attack a pilot heading to Venom, and it turned
out to be James McCloud, which Leon could never understand why the old
fox meant to much to Wolf after he killed him. The chameleon's job was
specifically to take care of Peppy, but a scuffle with Pigma had allowed
him to escape. It was a mess.

Not much happened over the next
while. Andross went back to plotting in his Venomian prison and Peppy
went back to James' son Fox in Corneria. Leon's failures were making
him irritable to where madness was almost consuming him, and he took a
family-hired mission on his own which would get him away from the bird,
away from the pig and perhaps rebuild his perfect image and impress Wolf
again. Unexpectedly, the target Leon had to eradicate was hopping from
planet to space station to planet and was too clever to easilly catch,
though many close calls have happened. At mission's end, he had flown
so far out of Lylat that he was lost. His ship lost fuel and he crashed
on a planet known as Earth.

The ship was in shambles, and he
needed money to rebuild if he was going to contact Wolf or anyone for
help, but for a while, he just rested, and one day at a bar, he met
someone who worked for a school called Smash Academy in Final
Destination City, and he was actually another kind of creature currently
under a human guise. Having no idea if authorities would be out to get
Leon in his current state of unpreparedness (if people on this planet
even knew him), he went to a humanization seminar the next day and
obtained a new, green-haired disguise. Crazy Hand got a good
observation of this guy and thought it would be awesome if he taught in
the school!

That was where Leon spent three years of his life, building a monetary
account as his Wolfen underwent reconstruction. In this setting,
however, he was forced to interact more, which slowly began to soften
the ice cold public image he had back in Lylat. Not to mention, this
school had a whole bunch of loonies. It made him feel so out of place
for a while until he managed to blend in a little.

Leon left FDC
the week his ship was fixed and he managed to make contact with his old
team. About a week upon arriving back in Lylat, however, a new mission
was afoot for a new phase of Andross' war, and this was to stop Star
Fox from reaching to and attacking Andross in Venom. Star Wolf ran into
Star Fox for dogfights many times, and it was to Leon's surprise that a
familiar fucking bird was in that team. The reptillian of course, took
dibs on finishing Lombardi himself, but Star Fox won every battle and
eventually, Fox took down Andross. Lylat Wars was now officially over.

passed. Mercenaries weren't getting much to do anymore, Star Wolf was
on wanted posters and they didn't really get anything to do either.

was kind of missing life as an unsuspecting human guy who could freely
walk streets without the military on his back, so he snuck back out of
Lylat for what was probably going to be a few-month stay in FDC.
Amazingly, he got his job back, and so much had happened in the year
that followed; they were tales of love, anguish, madness, bloodshed, and
more crazy-as-hell Zoology assignments with even crazier students
taking them on! He also met Slippy Toad from the Star Fox team. Since
Leon doesn't remember every last face of who he or Star Wolf is sent
after, he did't think of it much at first and the two had actually
gotten along. When he did find out who this frog really is, it was
actually after a mission Leon had that summer to off his dad Beltino at a
Space Dynamics Convention back in Corneria, and something just told him
to keep mum about that. He didn't know why As for Leon's general life
in the city again, he noticed himself changing little by little and
became ashamed of it, so he never went back home.

In an odd twist of fate, Wolf shows up on this planet. A happy reunion of booze is made.

then some months later came a war. An Aparoid invasion that mindfucked
the whole city with shapeshifting aliens transforming into a person's
most feared or heartrending being of their past. Leon and all the
Lylatians that somehow made their way into this school had to fight a
hallucination of the Retro Star Fox team. Secrets were revealed and
Wolf seriously didn't handle this well. For Leon, he was only affected
by Wolf's current status as, again, he doesn't really care, think of, or
remember past people he targets outside of the reoccuring Lombardi.

late into the battle, Leon was shot down by the aparoids. He had a
brief stay in the infirmary, but a serious concussion gave him amnesia
and he had to learn about the failed Beltino plot discovered by Slippy

Leon had to get answers and disappeared from Smash
Academy as soon as he was able to get out of bed. With nothing but some
ID cards and a Lylatian wanted poster, he spent the next year fleeing
the war ruins, re-learning to fly his ship again when repairs were
complete, and trace every bit of "Leon Powalski" information he could
gather back to Lylat and Corneria, just barely dodging Cornerian arrest
and then some. Aside from talking to Smeargle once, a Pokemon he
awkwardly bonded with in his last year teaching, he made no contact with
anyone else, so it was easy to assume Leon died in the war.

all memories were reclaimed. Due to madness that used to take him on
occasion, quite a few experiences were left fuzzy or completely
forgotten, but he regained his sense of beingness, Star Wolf, and many
of the more important factors of his life.

Now comes the big
question of how did Leon forget all of these things in the first place?
What happened during the hours before he woke up in the infirmary and
how did Final Destination City become in the state of ruins he saw when

It's time for him to return once again to Smash Academy and fill the last major
hole punched out of his life.

Anything Else?:
.As much as it doesn't really work
anymore, Leon's human form was originally meant as a disguise to hide
from authorities. He will mostly continue to stay this way unless in
his personal alone time. Also, no more tail in human form.
.scented candles are back
logs will resume on mondays. Some will be tegaki logs, some will be
thread logs. Office posts will be once every two weeks regardless of
if or how many visitors he gets each time.
. His memories still
aren't fully recollected. Given he used to be... occasionally insane,
there will be some things he has no memory as to whether they actually
happened or were they reoccuring nightmare or things he WISHED happened
and then there were all these guys that rubbed off on him like some
Falco Lombardi wannabees or hallucinations. Otherwise, at his return to
SBG, he will remember most things EXCEPT the events of the War,
particularly close to when he was shot down.

It was a long time since I was last here. I had some business to take care of, surely.

wasn't this place shot down by some big invasion? I could have sworn
it was, but the city looks like nothing happened at all. I'll take it
as a good thing in any case as long as Wolf's still around somewhere.
At least I've heard from around that he's still here, but I haven't been
communicating with anyone lately.

I'll look for him once I get
settled in. The projects I have planned for next year's class are going
to be a thrilling experience, I can assure you! I definitely want the
scalpels to be upgraded into daggers, but that will have to get approved
by the board when I get around to making the request. We'll see.

I hope coming back was a good decision.

The hallways were the same as it ever was. The Zoology lab? Just its usual
wear from the Thwomp smashings, Prinny explosions, and Sluggy gunk, but
otherwise, just as well kept as it always was. From the window he
spotted a fancy new greenhouse that looked like something worth
exploring at a later time.

There was one time where he brought in
a shipment of Thwomps for a future lab assignment, but some students
came in and wanted to study them, so it became class happening outside
of class time. Those things were so destructive and noisy. Leon was a
little beaten up from that non-assignment but it was a bit of a thrill
seeing them in floor-crushing action right before his eyes!

That was the story. And while he knew it happened from the scribbles he
wrote private class notes, the chameleon unfortunately does not
personally remember this scene at all aside from the existence of
Thwomps. It happened near the war, too, but he didn't really want to
think about that right now. In his head, the war never happened. He
took a nap in the teacher's lounge one day and woke up in the infirmary
with a crying frog, and then walked out to see the world trashed before

If anyone asks him about it, he'll refuse to answer. Right
now it's just time to assess the classroom and pick up from there.
Perhaps things will fall in place if interactions were as normal with
him and the school as they used to be.
the end of the hall: Leon's old office, was clean and bare, but
otherwise still the same. Desk and chair were as he left it, though
empty, as is the extra chair and the bookshelf.

The chameleon pulled a cart of boxes in the room and began to set up. And by setting
up, two large boxes were tossed into a bare corner, one smaller box
was slammed onto the desk with his course papers on top, three candles
were neatly placed inside one of the desk drawers, and his name plate
was placed at the edge of his desk.

From ship to classroom to ship to classroom again. Leon didn't know what to think of this, or if
his classes were going to work out as they used to, but he has a week to
prepare and he was pretty confident in himself otherwise.

It's time to tour around campus and see if there's anyone he remembers still around.
21 May 2010 @ 08:10 pm
Was it me or was the trip we had recently just a big magical acid trip? The sex I saw from the window was disgusting as hell and then i wound up going in there, but...!

But moving on, I own the local fight club now. I think there's a rat or something living in there right now, I'll have to check it out, but once I open up, it'll be available for all your sparring and drinking needs!
30 March 2010 @ 01:06 pm
[Private to people on the network sans Authorities]

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14 February 2010 @ 09:40 am
[[Leon seems... Abnormally nice today]]

Cornerian Frogboy.

I'm paying you back your share of all the cash we spent on Dengar's rescue efforts. Meet me outside the big halloween mansion in town
05 February 2010 @ 12:06 pm
Another Valentines day coming up, which means more empty chocolate boxes addressed to Panther.

Not that he and Wolf appear to be around anymore.

The solitude kind of sucks after a while.
20 December 2009 @ 01:01 am
Dear Santa.

I was less explicitly naughty this year than in previous years, but was still bad nonetheless. I stole a rock, slashed a bird, and pulled a frog out to a swamp; and this all happened after sabotaging Fichina's climate controls before leaving Lylat.

Was that why I just recieved Fichina for Xmas this year?

Yours truly,
27 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
I stabbed a bird yesterday. It was an okay bird-eating holiday.